Fragments of the testimony published in: Michal Grynberg, 'Words to Outlive Us: Eyewitness Accounts from the Warsaw Ghetto', transl. Philip Boehm,...

  • Ber
  • Warm
  • Warszawa
  • 1993
  • account/testimony
  • partially
  • yes
  • Polish
  • A Jewish Police functionary, from October 1942 to January 1943 he was on duty in the Befehlstelle; later, until April 1943, in the Werterfassung. In February 1943 settled at Niska Street No. 4. During the uprising he was in the small ghetto in the end of April, lives with his three friends at Zelazna Street No. 50. In the end of April, when the gathering for deportation was ordered, he corsses to the 'Aryan side,' to the Ostbahn company work detail 'Stella' in Chmielna Street. Testimony written in October 1943. Warm, according to Adolf Berman's testimony, died on the 'Aryan side.'