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  • Selekcja

  • ok.23-25 IV 43
  • ok.23-25 IV 43
  • Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, 1943
  • German operations
  • selection, deportation
  • Warm, Ber, fragmenty relacji drukowane w "Pamiętniki z getta warszawskiego. Fragmenty i regesty", opr. M. Grynberg

  • [16-24]
  • Related people:

    • Ajzenberg Unknown

      group commander, he saved himself and his wife from the selection in the first days of the uprising

    • Starogubski Berek

      he came from Raciaz, was employed in the ghetto in 'Menck and Krueger' company. At the beginning of the uprising he...

    • Herszberg Unknown

      he served in the Polish Army, Werkschutz at the laundry at Nowolipie Street No.18