The Warsaw Ghetto site is a collection of facts from the history of the ghetto ant the 'Aryan side' of the city, based on archival and bibliographical data. The facts are stored in the form of an Internet database. It was designed in a way that enables its users to easily find related information on specific subjects: people, events, and places from the Warsaw ghetto. Moreover, an interactive plan of the ghetto enables users to view the places. Depending on stored information on addresses individual buildings may be displayed on the plan. In addition, users of the site take access to source materials as well as the collection of 14 plans of the ghetto. 
How to use the following elements of the site. 

New version of the Database and interactive map component realized thanks to the research grant National Science Centre, Hiding in Warsaw on the "Aryan side", 1940-1945 no 2016/21/B/HS3/00577 and grant Fondation pour la Mémoire de la Shoah in the project Jews Hiding in Warsaw on the "Aryan side", 1940-1945 

Continous work and new functionalities are realized thanks to the grant National Science CentreBetween Help and Danger. Hiding on the ‘Aryan’ Side of Warsaw 1940–1945 — Phase II. Development and continuation no 2019/35/B/HS3/02899

Calendar of events

The goal of presenting the calendar of events is to tell in a synthetic way the history of the Warsaw Ghetto seen in a perspective of war and occupation. Both - war and occupation were the contexts of the Ghetto history and significantly influenced moods, attitudes, and actions in the closed Jewish quarter. The calendar of events is presented in the form of a chronological list. 

Search the database 

Choosing "Database" from the upper menu will result in shifting to a page containing a full-text searching form as well as number of various filters enabling user to narrow and specify his/her search request. The form contains four kinds of fields: people, places, events and sources. 

Interactive map of the ghetto

After choosing from the menu "Interactive map" a map of the ghetto will be displayed. It is an interactive way to locate on the live map records from the database that could have geolocation data attributed. Using "+" and "-" button or mouse scroll user can zoom the map. In the upper right corner of the map, user can find pannel enabling three historical map layers with cartographical data from the ghetto area, as well as, entire pre-war Warsaw. Using the sliders user can set prefered transparency level.

Hint: to see 'clean' map user can type in the searching form "*" and then, after clicking "Search" button zoom into the area of Warsaw, ghetto or 'Aryan side' of Warsaw.

Atlas of the ghetto
After choosing from the menu "Atlas of the ghetto" page containing 14 different maps of the Warsaw Ghetto (by Paweł Weszpinski) will be displayed. An additional short article about the topography of the ghetto by prof. Jacek Leociak will be soon translated into English.

All records presented in this database are created and based on archival or bibliographical sources. All information provided are NOT presentation of any individual thoughts or conceptions of it’s editors. 

If you wish to suggest or to add data to the database please contact: