Dni dlugie jak wieki (Days as Long as Centuries)

  • Marian
  • Berland
  • Warszawa
  • 1992
  • personal accounts
  • yes
  • yes
  • Polish
  • Worked on the 'Aryan side' in Kozikowski's garage for four years. Lived with his parents, sister and wife in Muranowska Street; however he was to get a flat on the 'Aryan side' and was to move there soon. From 18 to 29 April 1943 he was in the shelter on the corner of Muranowska and Niska Streets. The Umschlagplatz, jumps out of the train, hides for two days in the forest near Laskarzew, reaches Warsaw. Thanks to him his friends and sister, who were hiding in a forest, get to Warsaw by car. Hides at Grzybowska Street No. 41. Since the end of June 1943 at Sienna Street No. 40. At Komitet Pomocy Zydom's request he wrote down his memories. On 3 August insurgents enter the flat in Sienna.