Given name: Unknown Family name: Bromberg

  • YES
  • Male
  • Bromberg
  • ca. 1903
  • A metalsmith from military workshops. At the beginning of 1943 he bought a flat in his friends name, at Grzybowska Street No. 41. During the uprising, between 18 and 29 April 1943 he hid in a shelter in Muranowska Street. His wife and children were on the 'Aryan side'. He was taken to the Umschlag, then he jumped off a train and hid in a woods together with Berland, his sister and the Hoffers. He was brought back to Warsaw with a car, and hid in Grzybowska Street. At the end of June the Brombergs were arrested by the 'Blue' police, the landlord and caretaker turned them in.

  • workers
  • Short and slim, he suffered from asthma.

  • 15,48,51,191,197,198,249-, 251,316,317