Mieszkanie Berlandów jest punktem zbornym dla...

  • YES
  • Mieszkanie Berlandów jest punktem zbornym dla ukrywających się w schronie na dole, balkon głównym punktem obserwacyjnym

  • 1943-04-19
  • 1943-04-19
  • Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, 1943
  • social/communal, private life / daily life
  • address, hideout, deportation
  • 17,18
  • Related people:

    • Bender Unknown

      During the uprising in the shelter at Muranowska/Niska Street.

    • Feldman Unknown

      During the Uprising stayed in the shelter on the corner of Muranowska/Niska Streets.

    • Berland Marian

      Worked on the 'Aryan side' in Kozikowski's garage for four years. Lived with his parents, sister and wife in Muranow...

    • Berland Maria

      Maria lost her father and sister-in-law during the First Action, she worked in Szulc's shops, she moved from the sma...

    Related places:

    • Muranowska

      the Berlands live there before the uprising, the shelter uncovered 29 April 1943