Given name: Beniamin Family name: Hoffer

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  • Male
  • Beniamin
  • Hoffer
  • During the Uprising stayed with his wife and nephew in a shelter on the corner of Muranowska and Niska Streets. His wife died after the ceiling collapsed on her during a fire on 28 April. After the shelter was discovered he was brought to the Umschlagplatz on 29 April, on 30 April put onto the train, jumped out of the train with his nephew near Laskarzew they were were in hiding in a forest with Berland, his sister and Bromberg. Driven back to Warsaw, hides in Grzybowska Street No. 41 until 23 June, then in Mickiewicza Street at S. Zablocki's. At the beginning of August 1943 moves to Sienna. Survived the war and the Warsaw Uprising.

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  • Friend of the Berlands - very religious, prayed in the bunkers while the ghetto was on fire, on the Umschlagplatz, on the train, in the hideout.

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