Siostra Berlanda Leosia przenosi się z Mickiew...

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  • Siostra Berlanda Leosia przenosi się z Mickiewicza na Sienną. Hoffer zostaje jeszcze u S. Zabłockiego, który go bardzo polubił i zależy mu na towarzystwie Hoffera

  • początek lipca 43
  • początek lipca 43
  • Poles operations, housing, private/everyday life
  • housing assistence , acquaintances
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    • Berland Leosia

      From 18 to 29 April 1943 in a shelter at the corner of Muranowska/Niska Street with her brother and parents. Taken t...

    • Hoffer Beniamin

      During the Uprising stayed with his wife and nephew in a shelter on the corner of Muranowska and Niska Streets. His...

    • Zabłocki Stasio

      acquaintance who lives in Mickiewicza Street. A confectioner, an older man, kind-hearted. Lewinowa and her daughter...

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    • Mickiewicza 15

      Mrs Lewinow with her daughter hide there in June 1943, for some time also Hoffer and Leosia Berland