Given name: Unknown Family name: Schmidt

  • YES
  • Male
  • Schmidt
  • 1975
  • USA
  • He got married in 1936 or 1937. Together with his wife, he run the workshop producing slippers. They lived at Nowolipki Street No. 57 (the same address as the workshop). Chairman of the House Committee. During the First Action, employed by K. G. Schultz. He lived with his family in the shop's block at Leszno Street No. 76. During the selection in the shop he was sent with the family to the Umschlagplatz. They managed to leave on 6 September 1942. After the comeback he managed to find work again. He survived the round-up, got the life number. On 11 October 1942 he left the ghetto and hid in Antoni Michalski's bodywork workshop in Belwederska Street. With Henryk Michalski, he continued to run the workshop producing slippers. On the 'Aryan side' as Aleksander Przybysz. During the Warsaw ghetto uprising he was hidden by the Michalski family, together with his wife, in Krochmalna Street (for 7 weeks). When the Warsaw uprising broke out, he was parted with his wife. He returned to Mokotow, found the insurgents. He went trough the sewers to Ujazdowskie Avenue. Together with Henryk Michalski, he went to Grodzisk, where his wife found him. Being harassed by Gestapo agents, they moved to Milanowek. They smuggled sugar from Piaseczno to Milanowek. They were caught by Gestapo agents in January 1945 and handed over to a withdrawing German outpost. They were handed over to Polish military police, with the order to shot them - released by Poles. On 13 March 1945 he collected his son from zaklad dla sierot im. ks. Boduena (the Orphan's Home of priest Boduen). Their younger son was born on 21 April 1945.

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  • Schmidt, Cudem przezylismy czas zaglady (We Miraculously Survived the Holocaust)

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