Given name: Basia Family name: Temkin-Bermanowa

  • YES
  • Female
  • Basia
  • Temkin-Bermanowa
  • Temkin
  • Warszawa
  • From Warsaw
  • Jewish
  • She was brought up in an 'ordinary Jewish family' (for two generations in Warsaw). She studied social sciences, psychology and pedagogy for many years. Five years before the war, in the first year of occupation and in the ghetto she was a librarian. When she was sixteen she became a member of a youth organisation Haszomer Hacair, later to the party Poale Zion-Left (she considered herself a lay Zionist). From 1930 she was the life partner, and six years later - the wife, of Adolf Berman. Since 1943, for about twenty months, she was an active, outstanding Jewish resistance movement activist.

  • activists, underground movement
  • The author started to write on 5 January 1944, and the last entry is dated 17 January 1945. The diary was written in ten, common, chequered school notebooks. Written irregularly. Bermanowa probably took a pen in her hand only when she either found the time or when she felt strong enough. Successive entries, dated scrupulously, written in Polish, were written in occupied Warsaw ('in hiding'), then in occupied ('free') capital and in a number of places near Warsaw (again 'on the Aryan papers'). The first event described took place during the Polish-German War of 1939, the latest - three days before the liberation of Warsaw (17 January 1945).<b>Archive of the Jewish Historical Institute </b>
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