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  • notary Chelmicki's office and translation office of R. Robczynski, run by Janina Bucholtz-Bukolska; contact point of a group of people, who helped Jews, supervised by Basia Temkin-Bermanowa

  • 03/2321 Wspomnienie o p. Basi Temkin-Bermanowej (Reminiscences of Mrs Basia Temkin-Barmanowa)
    Notes concerning action to aid the Jews on the 'Aryan side' of Warsaw: producing fake documents, finding flats for them. The action was led by Basia Temkin-Barmanowa with her co-operators. The author of the testimony was one of them. The testimony is signed Rachela Auerbach, while it can by easily concluded from the text that the author is Janina Bucholtz-Bukolska. Typescript, pp. 1-6, size: 290 x 210 mm, in Polish.

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