Brombergów zabrała granatowa policja. Zostali...

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  • Brombergów zabrała granatowa policja. Zostali wydani przez gospodarza domu i dozorcę

  • koniec czerwca 43
  • koniec czerwca 43
  • denunciation , Poles operations, private/everyday life
  • hosts, Polish Police
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      A metalsmith from military workshops. At the beginning of 1943 he bought a flat in his friends name, at Grzybowska S...

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      She hid in the flat at Grzybowska Street No. 41 with her children, and later on also with her husband. They were tur...

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      She hid with her mother and brother, then also with her father at Grzybowska Street No. 41, they were taken away by...

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    • Grzybowska 41

      Bromberg bought the flat at the beginning of 1943; many Jews hid in two hideouts there, among others: for a few week...