Jews' diaries. Sygn. 302/198; Jewish Historical Institute Archives; author: Stanislaw Sznapman; title: Warszawa po kapitulacji. Warszawa - getto -...

  • Stanisław
  • Sznapman
  • Warszawa
  • 1993
  • memoir
  • partially
  • there and then
  • Polish
  • The author wrote his memoirs hiding on the so-called 'Aryan side'. it is well-known that he did not survive until the liberation. The memoirs were submitted to the Jewish Historical Institute by two writers: Helena Boguszewska and Jerzy Kornacki. The author describes: the siege of Warsaw in 1939; the early days of the German occupation; the persecution of the Jews; ghetto formation; description of everyday life in the ghetto; influx of deportees, starvation, epidemic; the great deportation action in the summer 1942; selection of workers in the 'shops'; living conditions in the 'rump' ghetto; blackmail of Jews on the co-called 'Aryan side'; the role of the Polish Police and the Jewish Police (Order Service). Published: Pamietniki z getta warszawskiego (Memoirs from the Warsaw Ghetto), Warsaw, 1993, pp. -26, 95-96, 116-17, 140-142, 155-156, 178-179, 205-208 (fragments).
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