Jews' Diaries, sygn. 302/223; The Jewish Historical Institute Archives; title: Wspomnienia (Memoirs); author: Lazarz Menes

  • Łazarz
  • Menes
  • memoir
  • no
  • Polish
  • Lazarz Menes 1910-1979. Memoirs. deportations from the Warsaw ghetto to the death camp in 1942. the labour card system, which were supposed to guarantee survival, but were not honoured. Attempts to hide in shelters. Deportations in January and April 1943. Experiences of those living in the shelters after the uprising started. The author was hiding in shelters until August 1943, and then crossed to the 'Aryan side', where he was helped by his wife, a Catholic. After the war he became barrister in Warsaw. Typewritten manuscript, pages 1-19, format: 290 x 210 mm, in Polish. The memoirs were authorised on 18 April 1964.
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