Given name: Łazarz Family name: Menes

  • YES
  • Male
  • Łazarz
  • Menes
  • 1910-00-00
  • 1979
  • He was in the Warsaw ghetto; during the First Action he worked in the OBW (Ostdeutsche Bautischlerei Werkstatte) 'shop' at Gesia Street No. 30, later he hid in the same building; during the uprising in the ghetto he hid in shelters, first at Gesia Street No. 30, next at Gesia Street No. 79, and next - together with 7 other people - in ruins of burnt houses. He got out from the ghetto only in August 1943 thanks to his Catholic wife's help. Until the outbreak of the Warsaw Uprising the hid with doctor Paszynski and his family in Wanda Kosobudzka's flat at Skorupki Street No. 4 in Warsaw. After the uprising outbreak he got to the camp in Pruszkow, next he hid again. After the war he became a barrister; he lived in Warsaw; author of a diary.

  • Intelligentsia