Given name: Ema (Noemi) Family name: Makower

  • YES
  • Female
  • Ema (Noemi)
  • Makower
  • Wigdorowicz
  • she works in a surgical hospital at Leszno Street No. 1; she marries Henryk Makower in the ghetto in the summer of 1942; at the beginning of the First Action, in the autumn 1942 they live in Zamenhofa Street, E. is the head of a dentist's office in an out-patients’ clinic, a failed attempt to escape from the ghetto 24 January 1943, but 27 January they went with a group of workers to a work detail on the 'Aryan side', where they stayed a few of days at the Paluchs', later they hid in Milosna for 18 months.

  • physicians
  • Henryk Makower's wife

  • 8,9,61,88,111,112,140,143