Po nieudanej próbie ucieczki przesłuchanie i r...

  • YES
  • Po nieudanej próbie ucieczki przesłuchanie i rewizja w Befehstelle,

  • 1943-01-24
  • 1943-01-25
  • deportation
  • German operations
  • Germans
  • 166,167,168
  • Related people:

    • Zawadzki Unknown

      an SS-man from Silesia; in the Befehstelle he interrogated the Makower's after an unsuccessful trial of escape from...

    • Makower Ema (Noemi)

      she works in a surgical hospital at Leszno Street No. 1; she marries Henryk Makower in the ghetto in the summer of 1...

    • Makower Henryk

      in the medical commission that examined candidates for labor camps, he teaches medicine courses to students, since S...

    • Czapliński Marceli

      he lives in Sienna Street, Szerynski's adjutant

    • Mende Unknown

      an SS-man, after Brandt the second figure in the Befehlstelle

    • Nieratschkier Unknown

      an SS-man from the Befehlstelle

    • Klostermeier Unknown

      An SS man from the Befehlstelle, a well-known executioner, shooting at passers-by is his favorite play, takes care o...

    Related places:

    • Żelazna 103

      the building of the extermination team, the so-called Befehlstelle