Ema i Henryk jadą do Miłosnej

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  • Ema i Henryk jadą do Miłosnej

  • 1943-01-30
  • 1943-01-30
  • in the Ghetto
  • private/everyday life
  • outside of Warsaw
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  • Related people:

    • Urzykowski Janusz

      drove Ema and Henryk Makower to his parents' house in Milosna.

    • Urzykowska Emila

      Lives at the Urzykowskis' in Milosna. The Makowers were in hiding [there] for 18 months since January 1943.

    • Urzykowski Feliks

      Ema and Henryk Makower were hiding in his house in Milosna, uses a wheelchair because of rheumatism.

    • Urzykowski Wiesio

      The Makowers were hiding in his parents' house.

    • Orłowski Unknown

      Mr and Mrs Orlowski parents of the Urzykowskis, at whose place in Milosna the Makower family was hiding

    • Makower Ema (Noemi)

      she works in a surgical hospital at Leszno Street No. 1; she marries Henryk Makower in the ghetto in the summer of 1...

    • Makower Henryk

      in the medical commission that examined candidates for labor camps, he teaches medicine courses to students, since S...

    Related places:

    • Unknown

      Henryk and Ema Makower are hiding from 30 January 1943 for 18 months