Ostatni powstancy getta (The Last Insurgents of the Ghetto)

  • Leon
  • Najberg
  • Warszawa
  • 1993
  • personal accounts
  • yes
  • in part
  • Polish
  • From 1941 in the ghetto, in summer 1942 he went twice to the Umschlagplatz, he spent 8 days in a Durchgangslager (German transit camp for DPs), from where he was taken to the Opel workshop in Wloscianska Street. He worked there and was a member of a saboteurs group. On 17 April 1943, on his leave, he crossed to the ghetto. He stayed at the brushmakers’ shop. On 20 April he went to the general shelter at Swietojerska Street No. 38. He hides in different shelters. He wants very much to fight in the uprising. On 10 May he joins the ruin dwellers ('gruzowcy') combat group. He hides with a diminishing group of people in Nalewki Street, from 18 July - in Pawia Street. On 26 September, together with the three people who stayed alive, he crosses through the wall to the 'Aryan side'. After eight days of wandering about he settled in Mr and Mrs Szczypiorski's place in Bielany. He wrote his diary there.