Given name: Salek Family name: Wiślicki

  • YES
  • Male
  • Salek
  • Wiślicki
  • ca. 1911
  • He was from the renowned family of factory owners from Lodz; received secondary education. In May 1943 by a coincidence joined the Najberg's group. At the beginning of June 1943 caught by surprise he hid in a wardrobe when Poles escorted by Germans came for the furniture from the stock room in the Werterfassung furniture warehouse. Salek wanted to cross to the 'Aryan Side" as he had a place to stay with his acquaintances, to whom he transferred his whole capital. In the Credit Bank he had the deposit of 2500 dollars and jewellery for the purchase of the 'life card' to Vittel. At the beginning of August, he was sent on reconnaissance mission to check out the smugglers; he did not return; 14 of July was going to leave with the smugglers, but they did not want to take him as he was wounded in the leg and they claimed the he would have drown in a storm sewer. So he gave authorisation to F. Rozenberg (who managed to leave) to show to the director of the bank so that he could withdraw a certain amount of money to arrange lodgings.

  • the rich
  • 43,98,102,136,139