I wiecej nic nie pamietam (And I Remember Nothing More)

  • Adina
  • Blady-Szwajgier
  • Warszawa
  • 1994
  • personal accounts
  • yes
  • no
  • Polish
  • At the turn of 1939 and 1940 she was to finish her medical studies at the Warsaw University, got married in July 1939. At the beginning of October she set off east, stayed in Lvov until December, returned to Warsaw. On 11 March 1940 she started working at the Bersohn and Bauman Children’s Hospital. In autumn 1941 worked in the hospital's branch at the corner of Leszno and Zelazna Streets. After the First Action at Gesia Street No. 6. Survived the January Action in a hideout. On 25 January 1943 crossed to the 'Aryan side.' Jewish Fighting Organization (ZOB) messenger. Arranged for people to cross to the 'Aryan side', obtained documents, looked for flats, transported weapons, distributed money, etc. Since the end of April 1943 had phony documents claiming that her name was 'Irena Mereminska'. Lived with Marysia Sawicka in Dzielna Street, then at Miodowa Street No. 24, in summer 1943 and 1944 they lived in Miedzylesie. Adina used to go to Krakow, to the camps in Trawniki and Poniatowa. In winter 1943/1944 she was a teacher in the RGO (Central Welfare Council) children's common room located in the Salesian monastery in Powisle. During the Warsaw Uprising she worked in the hospital in Miodowa Street and then in Mokotowska Street. On 11 October 1944 she left Warsaw escorting a group of wounded people to Milanowek. In Grodzisk until the liberation. On 25 January 1945 she started working in the CKZP (Central Committee of Polish Jews) as a secretary for children's issues and as a paediatrician.