W trzypokojowym mieszkaniu na Lesznie Marysia...

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  • W trzypokojowym mieszkaniu na Lesznie Marysia była główną lokatorką, mieszkali tam z nią Antek i Celina, Marek, Stasia, Bernard, chyba Kazik.

  • wiosna 44
  • housing
  • Jewish underground movement , contacts with other Jews
  • 90
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    • Sawicka Marysia

      Before the war she was a 700 m runner in the club 'Skra'. A messenger of the Jewish Fighting Organisation; from the...

    • Cukierman Icchak, Antek

      a fighter; in 1944 before the Warsaw Uprising he hid in M. Sawicka's flat in Leszno together with others; great love...

    • Unknown Celina

      The Jewish Fighting Organisation (ZOB) messenger?, in 1944, before the Warsaw Uprising, she hid with Antek and other...

    • Edelman Marek

      A messenger of the Berson and Bauman hospital, spring 1940

    • Unknown Stasia- Ryfka

      Welwek Rozowski's wife and Adina Blady's friend. She left the ghetto probably after the January Action. The Jewish F...

    • Unknown Bernard

      A fighter, he hid in a cubbyhole under the floor. Adina visited him, in the spring of 1944 they became lovers. Befor...

    • Ratajzer Symcha Kazik

      A fighter, he left the ghetto through the sewers; he used to go to Cracow with Adina.

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