75 dni w plonacym getcie warszawskim (Seventy-five Days in the Burning Ghetto)

  • Baruch
  • Goldman
  • Biuletyn ŻIH nr 42
  • 1962
  • personal accounts
  • yes
  • Yiddish
  • An architect-engineer. During the I Action lost his family, only his brother survived. Since September worked in the brushmakers' shop, supervised about a dozen buildings. It made it easier for him to build a shelter with his seventeen friends. The work was finished at the end of December 1942. During the II Action went to the 'Aryan side' through a tunnel, stayed with his friends for a week, but returned to the ghetto to get enough money to leave it for good. Managed the construction of a shelter in the area of the brushmakers' shop. Got in contact with the Armia Krajowa (Home Army). His plans of leaving the ghetto and getting to a forest were terminated by the outbreak of the Uprising. In hiding in various shelters with his brother. Left the ghetto through sewers on 3 July 1943.