Targowa Street No. 64. A Diary. 27 January 1943 - 11 September 1944.

  • Leon
  • Guz
  • Warszawa
  • 1990
  • diary
  • yes
  • yes
  • Polish
  • His mother died in 1938, had two brothers. One of them - Szymon - died at the beginning of the war. The father was unemployed. In autumn 1939 Leon worked as a paramedic in a fur warehouse, traded furs and as a consequence he did quite well. In December 1939 he married Alicja. In Spring 1941 went to his parents-in-law to Minsk Mazowiecki. Worked in posts at a train station, later on in the German Red Cross. During the deportation action in Minsk in August 1942 escaped from the transport ground, joined Kopernik post. Since the beginning of September worked in Rudzki's factory, with his wife. Since 27 January 1943 at Targowa Street No. 64 until the liberation.