Given name: Jehoszua Family name: Perle

  • YES
  • Male
  • Jehoszua
  • Perle
  • A famous writer. In 1926 his wife died, leaving him a seven-year-old son, whom Perle, from this moment on, guarded like the apple of his eye. In the end of 1940 (?) he came back from Lvov to the Warsaw ghetto. He co-operated with the Ringelblum's Archive. In 1941 he wrote a report from the Soviet period in Lvov, and in the period between the First and the Second Action he wrote in the ghetto the description of liquidation titled 'Dramat (zniszczenie?) Warszawy' ['Tragedy (destruction?) of Warsaw'] and satire on shops '4580'. Ringelblum contacted him by Szmuel Winter. After the First Action he worked in the Supply Section at Franciszkanska Street No. 30. After the Second Action, Perle with his son moved to Toebbens 'shop' in Leszno Street and in March 1943 they crossed to the 'Aryan side'. They were well-secured there. Jehoszua used name Stefan. Unfortunately, they got involved in 'dead souls' from the 'Hotel Polski' affair. In July, Perle with his son (under guard) left for a camp near Hanover, which was supposed to be in the custody of the Red Cross. Several months later it turned out that all the 'South Americans' from the Hotel Polski were liquidated in some camp near Auschwitz.

  • Intelligentsia
  • R. Auerbach on p. 334 writes that Perle died with his son in a camp near Auschwitz. In the footnotes on p. 352 she writes that in the materials (which she brought from Poland) she has Mrs Ester Bojman's reminiscences of the last months of Jehoszua Perle in Bergen-Belsen.

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