Given name: Sergiusz Family name: [nieznane]

  • YES
  • Male
  • Sergiusz
  • [nieznane]
  • Unknown
  • a Russian. Gave hiding to the Jews. Tall, slim, a disproportionately small head. Came from an old, landowning, Russian family. Educated, deeply believed in God. A member of the tzar's lifeguard. A womanizer. After the revolution escaped to Poland. Had a huge property in Stolin, in Poland - confiscated by the Russians in 1939. A member of a Belorussian anticommunist oragnisation. The family escaped to England. Had a Jewish lover. owned two flats (in Walicow and Zugmuntowska Streets) in which the Jews here hiding.

  • Intelligentsia
  • Reicher, Edward; W ostrym swietle dnia. Dziennik zydowskiego lekarza 1939-1945 (In Broad Daylight. A Diary of a Jewish Doctor 1939 - 1945)

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