Given name: Henia Family name: Unknown

  • YES
  • Female
  • Henia
  • The youngest girl working in R. Auerbach's kitchen. She was only 16 and had a flaxen braid. She came from Rypin surroundings. In the Warsaw ghetto she stayed with her mother and two sisters. At the beginning of 1942 she was transferred to the kitchen in Nowolipie Street. One of the Jewish policeman, who came to the kitchen at Nowolipie Street No. 40 said that twice he pulled her out of a crowd heading to the Umschlagplatz. At third time she was going to the Umschlag with the whole staff of the kitchen in Nowolipie Street. This happened a few weeks before the great selection. She died.

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  • R. Auerbach caught Henia several times on giving her mother and sisters, when they came to the kitchen, cans with soup and dried products. The girl however was a great worker, and generally speaking she was an extremely friendly person, and that is why R. Auerbach did not take any measures for such behaviour.

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