Given name: Unknown Family name: Nieznane, starsza siostra Autora

  • YES
  • Female
  • Nieznane, starsza siostra Autora
  • Pfefer
  • 1943-05-30
  • Married, Jerzy Pfefer's older, 28-year-old sister. The day before the Action she came to the Pfefers house from Schultz's shop in order to discuss crossing to the 'Aryan side.'

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  • Jerzy Pfefer, born 1926, son of Abraham and Rozalia, Moja ucieczka z Majdanka (My escape from Majdanek). During the Warsaw ghetto uprising the author and his family were hiding in a shelter in Franciszkanska St.; after the shelter had been found, they were deported to Lublin. Selection in the concentration camp at Majdanek. Living conditions in the camp, tormenting prisoners, profiles of functionary prisoners. The author was assigned to work in the kitchen. Retrospection: reminiscences of his wife and son, murdered in Majdanek. Description of the great liquidation action of 1942. In June 1943, the author escaped from a work detail outside the camp and returned to Warsaw. His stay in various hideouts in Warsaw. Considerations on the detrimental character of religious disputes and the superiority of the Communist system. Complaints about Poles appropriating Jewish property. In 1945 the author submitted a copy to the Jewish Historical Commission in Lodz.

  • 31, 33, 35, 82, 101-102