Given name: Unknown Family name: Nadelman- ojciec

  • YES
  • Male
  • Nadelman- ojciec
  • Dentist. On 6 September 1939 he leaves Warsaw with his wife and daughters. They stay in Maciejow and Luck for several months. In spring 1940 he gets a job near Lvov, lives with his wife and daughter Leonia in Lvov. In autumn 1941 they go to Warsaw. They live in the small ghetto for 5-6 months. After its liquidation they work in Toebbens' shops. In August 1942 they cross to the 'Aryan side', Nadelman hides at his daughter's friends' place. In the late autumn 1942 he goes with his wife to a place near Mielec, they come back to Warsaw and live in several places. He survived the war.

  • physicians
  • 95-107