Given name: Ichiel Family name: Lerer (2)

  • (1, 2) YES
  • (1, 2) Male
  • (1) Ichiel , (2) Jechiel
  • (1) Lerer , (2) Lerer
  • (1) Jechiel Lehrer
  • (1) Żelechów(?)
  • (1) Treblinka
  • (1, 2) No information
  • (1)

    a poet, came from Zelechow. He had 8 siblings. His father was a very religious, literate Jew. Before the war he was considered a great talent. He got the Pen Club award for the poem 'Moj Dom' (My Home). He was one of literary figures, who stayed in Warsaw after the occupation. He was in the Warsaw ghetto. At different moments of the kitchen at Leszno Street No. 40 he was its consumer. He was a clerk in the Judenrat, in registration or postal departments, thanks to which he was provided with earnings. He was very interested in politics, the situation at the front. In the frist days of the Action he got to the Szultz shop in Nowolipie Street. He was taken to the Umschlagplatz in the second or third week of the First Action. He died.


    activist of the YIKOR (the Jewish Cultural Organization)

    • (1, 2) artists/writers
  • (1) s.174,294,308-313, (2) 204, 210