Given name: Unknown Family name: J.B.D.

  • YES
  • Male
  • J.B.D.
  • Roszczyk
  • 1901
  • before the war he lived in Warsaw with his mother and wife. He ran a photographer's shop in the city centre. He took part in the defense of Warsaw. After the capitulation he was not captured. He burnt all the army stuff. He took out his photographic instruments to a photographer whom he knew. He moved out of the place where he lived and had his shop, but he persuaded his acquaintances to open a cafe there. He was supposed to be hired there as a supplies officer. His wife stays in the eastern areas occupied by the Soviet army. He moves into the ghetto with his mother and they take over a photographer's shop in Chlodna Street. He runs the shop, which prospers quite well. After excluding Chlodna Street from the ghetto boundaries he moves to Elektoralna Street to friendly doctors. He creates a partnership with another photographer. He makes an album to the Judenrat's order about the productivity of Jews in the ghetto. During the First Action he conserves paintings in the Werterfassung building by Germans' order. At the end of September 1942 he crosses to the 'Aryan side'. He lives at various friends and acquaintances', for the longest time at Mr. Olszewski's, for whom he also works as a photographer. After the Warsaw Uprising in Pruszkow.

  • Intelligentsia
  • 113-131