Given name: Abraham Family name: Gancwajch

  • YES
  • Male
  • Abraham
  • Gancwajch
  • 1904
  • A journalist, came to Poland from Austria in 1936. He was a proponent of creating an autonomous place of settlement for Jews in one of the overseas countries (under the protection of the Third Reich). According to him, the victory of the Third Reich was inevitable. In the ghetto, it was publicly known that he was a SiPo functionary. He kept up appearances, which were meant to give him alibi; in order to achieve that, he supported some charitable institutions, starving writers, musicians, actors. When in May 1942 Gestapo functionaries shot many agents of the 'Thirteen' - Gancwajch and Sternfeld managed to escape. Gancwajch was hiding for some time on the 'Aryan side' under the name o

  • collaboration
  • Czerniakow, Adam; Adama Czerniakowa dziennik getta warszawskiego. 6 IX 1939 - 23 VII 1942, (The Warsaw Diary of Adam Czerniakow)

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