Wielu artystów zatrudnionych jako urzędnicy

  • YES
  • Wielu artystów zatrudnionych jako urzędnicy

  • before formation of the ghetto
  • administrative, social/communal
  • artists/writers, civil servants
  • 83
  • Related people:

    • Najwirt Josef

      a Jewish actor; works as a clerk, salesman or rickshaw man

    • Fakel Dora

      An actress, works as a clerk; then performs in the 'Eldorado' theatre, among others, in the performance 'Mlody Wiesn...

    • Segałowicz Klara

      an artist, co-operated with Turkow in the shelter department; works as a clerk; imprisoned at Pawiak (passport)

    • Mazo Mordechaj

      former director of a theatre in Vilna, at activists' meeting; in the kitchen's sector; works as a clerk; in administ...

    • Blumenfeld Diana

      the author's wife; she works as a clerk; performs at the Winter Help (PZ) action; she sang Lazowertowna's poem on sm...

    • Orleska Miriam

      Actress, works as a clerk, performs in Femina - the first role in 'Matura' (High School Finals); YIKOR (the Jewish C...

    • Goldenberg Ester

      actress, works as an office clerk

    • Turkow Rachela

      The author's sister, worked as a clerk.

    • Sztokfeder A

      He administers a canteen for artists, works as a clerk

    • Dantziker (Dancygier) Jakow

      He was running a canteen for artists, employed as a clerk; a co-worker of CKI (Central Commission for Entertainments).

    • Rozen Symcha

      actor, wounded in September 1939; works as a clerk in the 'Eldorado' theatre - in 'Mlody wiesniak' (Young Peasant)