Początek okupacji. Autorka udziela korepetycji...

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  • Początek okupacji. Autorka udziela korepetycji. Pomaga materialnie ciotka

  • before formation of the ghetto
  • private life / daily life
  • teachers, private life
  • Zygler, Krystyna, relacja

  • Related people:

    • Zygler Felicja

      Father - broke during the World War I merchant of the leather trade, celluloid salesman. The older son died in the a...

    • Baraban Chana

      Sister of the author's father. She helps financially; she was taken sick from the hospital in Leszno.

    • Baraban Josel

      The husband of the author's aunt; he died of natural causes in the ghetto.

    • Baraban Henryk

      Aunt Chana's son. He was not willing to help - they were afraid of depleting their reserves; a doctor, he survived....

    • Zygler Josel

      brother of the author's father, help from aunt Chana, died of starvation in the ghetto, his wife died of typhus feve...