Autorka "ochrzciła" Belę Elster na W...

  • NO
  • Autorka "ochrzciła" Belę Elster na Wandę Kacperską, Hersza Berlińskiego na Jeleńskiego, a Rozenfelda na Różyńskiego.

  • underground activity, help
  • contacts with other Jews , with Aryan documents
  • 66
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    • Temkin - Bermanowa Barbara

      The author of 'Dziennik z podziemia' (Diary from the Underground). Got secondary and primary education thanks to her...

    • Berliński Hersz

      one of 'quintuplets', a member of Poale Zion-Left; he died in the Warsaw Uprising; commander of one of the ghetto in...

    • Elster Bela

      Pola's sister. After the war left for Israel. Collaborated with Zegota (Council for Aid to Jews) and the Jewish Nati...

    • Rosenfeld Unknown

      He hides, the Bermans take care of him.