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  • Regards hiding fugitives from Warsaw Ghetto on the 'Aryan Side'. 10 pages, names
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  • Related people:

    • Salomon Szyja

      he lived in the ghetto at Chlodna street No. 24, since January 1943 hiding on the 'Aryan side' in Grzybowska Street,...

    • Pingwasser Frajda

      she left the ghetto for the Polish side, she was hiding from January 1943 in Grzybowska Street

    • Rozental Szejwa

      at the beginning of 1943 she went out of the ghetto, hid with her daughter Hela in Grzybowska Street, after the war...

    • Frydman Gienia

      Left the ghetto with her husband Abram and son Zbyszek [4-5 years old], from January 1943 they were hiding in Grzybo...

    • Bursztyn Szlama

      he went out of the Warsaw ghetto with his wife Chawa, they hid since January 1943 in Grzybowska Street, both killed...

    • Mała Helena

      she went out from the ghetto to the 'Polish side', at the beginning of 1943 she bought a flat in Grzybowska Street i...

    Related places:

    • Chłodna 24

      Szyja Salomon lives there - before December 1941

    • Grzybowska 36

      from the beginning of 1943 a group of Jews in Wktor Ratajczak's care (the Home Army member) hide there