Testimony 301-4423, Jewish Historical Institute Archives; author: Wladyslaw Swietochowski; title: no title

  • Władysław
  • Świętochowski
  • account/testimony
  • no
  • after the war
  • Polish/Yiddish
  • The source written in Polish, translated into Yiddish. Longhand and typescript in Polish, typescript of the translation in Yiddish (concerning only the ghetto uprising, not the further activity). Short note about Swietochowski attached to the Yiddish translation; it describes his activity during and after the ghetto uprising. The affidavit was made in presence of the Jewish Historical Institute employees from 10 to 14 January 1950. Copy of the affidavit signed by Halina Belchatowska and Renata Tylbor attached to the testimony; in which the ladies confirm that Wladyslaw Swietochowski had a lot of merits in helping Jews, was a Jewish Fighting Organization (ZOB) messenger and kept in his flat altogether five Jews.
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