Dziennik z getta warszawskiego (Warsaw Ghetto Diary)

  • Mary
  • Berg
  • Warszawa
  • 1983
  • personal accounts
  • yes
  • yes
  • English
  • Spent September 1939 in Warsaw. Since 12 October in Lodz. Since December 1939 back in Warsaw. Moved with her family into the flat at Sienna Street No. 41. Attended secret classes of a Lodz junior high school, which operated in Warsaw. Performed as a singer in a Lodz Art Band, which operated in Warsaw and to which young people belonged. Sienna Street No. 41 Youth Club member. Since 1941 attended a technical drawing course. In April 1941 awarded the first prize for her performance of jazz songs in a youth talent contest organized in Tatiana Epstein's cafe. On 29 October 1941 she attended the premiere of the play called 'Miłosc szuka mieszkania' (Love is Looking for a Flat). Since 26 December 1941 lived at Chlodna Street No. 10. Awarded the first prize in a contest for the best poster (organized by the Judenrat at the turn of 1941 and 1942). Since 17 July 1942 she was interned with her family at Pawiak. Because she was an American citizen's daughter she was to be exchanged for German prisoners of war. On 18 January 1943 left Pawiak together with other American and South American countries' citizens. Since 22 January in the camp in Vittel. On 1 March 1944 left Vittel. On 15 March 1944 boarded the ship Gripsholm and went to New York with her family.