A Story of One Life

  • Ludwik
  • Hirszfeld
  • Warszawa
  • 1989
  • personal accounts
  • yes
  • in part
  • Polish
  • In the ghetto until the end of February 1941, organised and gave lectures at scientific courses, the chairman of the the Health Council. Since August 1941 lived with his wife and daughter at the rectory of Wszystkich Swietych Church (All Saints' Church). In summer 1942 he crossed to the 'Aryan side' with his wife and daughter. In hiding at his wife's friend's place, later on Hirszfeld and his daughter go to a village in the Kielce region. At first, they live with a peasant, then for one year and a half at Adam Grabkowski's mansion. After his ill daughter's death in February 1943 the Hirszfelds move to Stara Milosna. In March 1944 they move to Warsaw, they rent a room in Zlota. After three months they move into Lipka, a village located 30 km from Warsaw.