A Jump for Life: A Survivor's Journal from Nazi-Occupied Poland, ed., Elaine Potter, London: Constable, 1997

  • Ruth
  • Cyprys
  • Warszawa
  • 2000
  • memoir
  • yes
  • after the war
  • English
  • Her father was a well-known jeweller and a pious man, who travelled around Europe on business; Ruth was raised to respect German culture, at home they spoke Polish; in 1929 Ruth started her law studies at Warsaw University; in 1934 she finishes her studies and marries Jerzy Joszue Cyprys (a friend from the law department) at Christmas. Ruth becomes a lawyer in private chambers, they move into a flat at Przechodnia Street No. 6, where they open their own chambers. The book contains a limited amount of concrete information, and it seems that there are many mistakes. Perfunctorily indexed.