Testimony 301-5914; Jewish Historical Institute Archives

  • Margot
  • Rozenbaum
  • letter
  • no
  • no
  • Polish
  • a letter of a co-worker of the Jewish Fighting Organization (ZOB), very interesting, but brief; the author diminishes her merits

  • Related people:

    • Klaus Unknown

      'the lord of life and death' of the Brauer's 'shop', he liked alcohol

    • Szwarcman Mietek

      he worked in Brauer's shop, had contacts with fighters, favourite of the German supervisor of the Klaus's shop

    • Goldfarb Bolek

      Fighter in the ghetto, after the uprising he stayed in the ghetto ruins for many weeks, he got a pistol from Margot...

    • Rozenbaum Margot

      The author of testimony 301-5914 , until 1939, member of Haszomer Hacair. Under her flat in Nalewki Street she built...

    • Frymer Chaim

      Margot Rozebaum's cousin, an insurgent in the ghetto; after the war he published his memoirs in Israel

    Related places:

    • Nalewki 32

      Margot Rozenbaum's flat, there was a bunker under the flat; the Jewish Fighting Organisation (ZOB) exercises took pl...