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  • Related people:

    • Koral Abraham

      Lived at Nowolipie Street No. 20, flat 17. Owned a plot at Panska Street No. 8. Tried to sell the plot to Robet Nose...

    • Kamień Lejzor Szlama

      Lived at Lubeckiego Street No. 17, flat 2. On 24 November 1940 went to Otwock for good.

    • Kossower Jankiel

      Lived at Grzybowska Street No. 20, flat 45.

    • Tarnower A.

      Residing at Sienna Street No. 32. In October 1941 his yarn was requisitioned (no details)

    • Saydengart Marceli

      One of the four owners of the Prohan Industrial and Commercial Association (Inc.). He didn't sign the memorandum of...

    • Scherf F.

      One of the directors (a senior clerk?) in Schultz's shop - December 1942

    • Szyff Gdala

      He lived at Nalewki Street No.32. In October 1941 his yarn was seized (no details)

    • Prezmann Nuchim

      In October 1941 he applied for a licence to bring into the ghetto the parcels with gifts from Paris.

    • Wundheiler R.

      In August 1941 he applied to Bischof for permission to use the local means of transport.

    • Wachtel Samuel

      He lived at Sienna Street No. 24. In October 1941 he was seized of a yarn (no details).

    • Wajsberg Sura

      She lived at Walicow Street No. 22, flat 6. She was wanted by the public prosecutor's office. Czerniakow replied tha...

    • Neumann R.

      One of the managers (a high-ranking official) in Schultz's shop - December 1942.

    • Nuss Wiktor

      residing at Grzybowska Street No. 36; 1 November 1941 he wrote a letter to Auerswald's office asking about opportuni...

    • Landauowa Irena

      residing at Ogrodowa Street No. 27, flat 23; from 1 April 1940 to 31 March 1941 she got pension - 890,16 zl altogeth...

    • Litauer Unknown

      a abrrister; sought-after in the ghetto by Probst and Auerswald - October 1941; the quest was connected with duke Ra...

    • Lipa Moszek

      Caretaker of the house at Sienna Street No. 33. Residing at Panska Street No. 31, flat 18 (October 1941). He appeale...

    • Lilienblum Chamel

      residing at Zimna Street No. 5, flat 3; wanted by German court (Nowy Swiat Street No. 69) - October 1941; probably 2...

    • Lindenfeld Leopold

      October 1941 - director of the Jail in the Ghetto, deputy district head of the Jewish Police.

    • Gutglass N.

      February 1942 - lived at Grzybowska Street No. 18, flat 30. He was writing a complaint to Brandt about Szerynski, to...

    • Groswurcel Josek

      Lived at Krochmalna Street No. 5, flat 54. The owner of a bakery at Leszno Street No. 65, which was officially close...

    • Goldsztejn Jankiel

      Lived at Pawia Street No. 50, flat 15. Worked presumably in the bakery at Leszno Street No. 65. 3 October 1941 he wa...

    • Głogowska Irena

      She received a pension of 1,020 zlotys (from 1 November 1939 to 31 March 1941) - Jews didn't have the right to recei...

    • Gantz J. W.

      Lived at Zielna Street No. 29 (no date). Wanted by Auerswald's office (he had some connections with Landau and Slioz...

    • Gefilhaus Wolf Binem

      Lived at Marianska Street No. 6, flat 7.

    • Graff Jerzy

      Lived at Grzybowska Street No. 9. He was authorised not to wear an armband - November 1941.

    • Grassler Unknown

      Senior clerk in Auerswald's office. Signed official letters to Czerniakow - autumn 1941. The letters concerned minor...

    • Rachman Jona

      Owner of the 'Monolit' pinting house. Residing at Leszno Street No. 41. He brought legally a priniting machine from...

    • Rechthand Kazimierz

      In August 1941 he applied for permission for using city transport. He was entitled not to carry the armband - Novemb...

    • Rozen Hiel

      He lived at Leszno Street No. 13, and was entitled not to wear the armband - November 1941.

    • Różycka Hana

      Residing at Nowolipki Street No. 25, flat 8. She received a letter from commissar Auerswald's office, which said tha...

    • Radzka Władysława

      a Pole, a servant, probably by Jankiel Ajzenberg (Marianska Street No. 11). On 2 March 1942 Auserwald withdrew her p...

    • Fuks Unknown

      His company could only supply chemist shops in the ghetto - August 1941.

    • Bialer Abram

      Joseph Ehrlich's friend. Ehrlich asked him for employment in the OBW. Residing at Nalewki Street No. 11.

    • Milchior Elkan

      Lived at Swietojerska Street No. 34. In October 1941, his yarn was requisitioned (no details).

    • Altberg Lucjan

      Lived at Ogrodowa Street No. 26. He didn't have to wear an armband - November 1941.

    • Ajzenberg Jankiel

      Lived at Marianska Street No. 11. His servant was a Pole - Wladyslawa Radzka. On 2 March 1942 her permission to stay...

    • Hirszowicz Józef

      A mechanic. Lived at Walicow Street No. 17, flat 19. On 16 and 17 September 1941 probably left the ghetto with J. Ra...

    • Hufnagel Mieczysław

      A Jewish Police functionary. Wrote down the testimony of the owner of the house at Sienna Street No. 33 after a robb...

    • Hertz Józef Jerzy

      commander of the Jewish Police (Order Service) in Region I. (October 1941).

    • Dreimann Elisabeth Wilhelmine

      residing at Gornoslaska Street No. 7a, flat 26; without national status (before Polish nationality); she submitted a...