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  • Jan (Jonas) Przedborski: Wspomnienia i wrazenia z okresu drugiej wielkiej wojny swiatowej (Reminiscences from World War II; unpublished). Part V. The liquidation of the Warsaw Ghetto. The Great Liquidation Action in the Warsaw Ghetto in July and August 1942. A. Czerniakow's suicide. An account of a refugee from Treblinka. Attempts to avoid deportation by obtaining an employment certificate. The author was a doctor, fought in the Polish-German War of 1939, then he stayed in Pinsk until May 1940, from where he moved to Warsaw. In the ghetto he was the head of an orphanage in Wolnosc St. On 7 August 1942 (in his absence), the Germans deported the children and the personnel. On the following day he got to the 'Aryan side'. In hiding, he wrote his memoirs (left a synopsis of the entire work in 6 parts). In 1943 he reported to the Hotel Polski and was deported to Bergen-Belsen; died in Auschwitz. The memoir was delivered to the Jewish Historical Commission by the author's sister .

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