Leszno From Warsaw

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  • From Warsaw
  • Leszno
  • in the ghetto
  • business
  • entrepreneurs
  • in this street and at Smocza Street No. 18 there were Henryk G.'s sister, Roza Lautersztej's cold cooked meat factories; Henryk worked for her for some time

  • Reminiscences from the occupation period written not chronologically. The author's return from German captivity in January 1940. The construction of the Warsaw wall ghetto. Stay on the 'Aryan side' since 1942 (incl. Wolomin). The ghetto uprising as seen from the outside. The great action in the Warsaw ghetto in 1942, the author and his wife waited out in a hideout. The reminiscences submitted by the author to the Jewish Historical Institute in 1963.

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