Given name: Unknown Family name: (Winawer) szwagier Anny

  • YES
  • Male
  • (Winawer) szwagier Anny
  • Husband of Anna's elder sister, a chemical engineer. After German intervention in Poland, he crossed with his wife and Anna to Lvov. In December 1841, they returned to Warsaw. His parents lived at Panska Street No. 45, where Anna settled in July 1942. During the First Action, he worked in a disinfection column. In November 1942, he crossed to the 'Aryan side'. He gets Anna out of the ghetto in January 1943. In a flat at Nurska Street, he had a cosmetic factory under a French signboard. He lived in a place where he was not known to be a Jew, he was in touch with 'Aryans'.

  • Intelligentsia
  • 152,153,155,160,161