Given name: Halina Family name: Wilner

  • YES
  • Female
  • Halina
  • Wilner
  • The youngest sister after receiving the mistaken message about the death of the family she married a colleague; in February 1943 she left for the 'Aryan side" she did not feel well there and came back to her husband to the ghetto.

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  • Wilner, Gusta; Wspomnienia z getta i aryjskiej strony Warszawy - Poświęcone pamięci mojego Brata, bojownika Arje (Jurka) Wilnera, który poległ w walce o honor Narodu Żydowskiego; (Memoirs from the Ghetto and the 'Aryan Side' of Warsaw – to Remember my Brother, the Fighter Arje ('Jurek'), who Died to Defend the Honour of the Jewish People