Given name: Welwel Family name: Rozowski

  • YES
  • Male
  • Welwel
  • Rozowski
  • Velvel
  • after 13 May 1943
  • During the First Action in August 1942, together with a group of six friends (he helped each of them to leave through a hole in a window covered with planks ) he escaped from the transport to Treblinka. He took part in the meeting at Mila Street No. 5. In Roerich's shop there was an underground group under his leadership. He commanded a Jewish Fighting Organization (ZOB) unit, which fought in Smolna Street on 10 August. Together with Szlama Szustr they blew up a car full of SS soldiers. After the uprising's failure he went to the 'Aryan side'. He hid together with Marek Edelman for some time. They were blackmailed, Welwel tried to get money for the ransom. When he was making his way to the hideout after the curfew, he was denounced by a Polish railwayman. He was arrested and killed, friends did not manage to help him.

  • activists
  • 75,96,172,191,192,201