Given name: Zbyszek Family name: Unknown

  • YES
  • Male
  • Zbyszek
  • 1929
  • A cigarette vendor (papierosiarz) from Trzech Krzyzy Square, he had an 'Aryan look'. His parents died in 1941, he passed to the 'Aryan side'. Together with other boys he smuggled clothes from the ghetto, passing there with the workers on detail. During the spring and summer of 1943 he worked on allotments in Saska Kepa, together with Pawel they slept in the night guard's box on the allotments' territory. In autumn the box was pulled down, the boys organised a hideout under the stairs in Skaryszewski Park. He sold cigarettes in Trzech Krzyzy Square, in November 1943 he started trading in the Central Railway Station (Dworzec Glowny), and slept at his grandma's in Krucza Street. In the winter of 1943 and 1944 he moved to the 'Gigant' poorhouse. He traded with theatre tickets.

  • children
  • 9,51-55,60-63,80,86,88