Given name: Marysia Family name: Unknown

  • YES
  • Female
  • Marysia
  • Szereszewska
  • In autumn 1939, she was married, had three-year-old son - Macius. She lived in Wisniowa Street before the capitulation of Warsaw, later she moved with the child to her parents' place; her husband, Ryszard, joined them. Although she completed her studies, she signed up for a dressmaking course in autumn 1939. From 10 July 1940, they all lived at Walicow Street No. 6. She worked as a dressmaker. She was slightly ill with typhus. In summer 1941, she left for sanatorium in Otwock with her ill son Macius. She spent a year there. In August 1942, when the Germans started to liquidate the Otwock ghetto, she managed to come to Warsaw. She stayed at Janina Poniatowska's, her gymnasium (junior high school) teacher, flat in Nowy Zjazd Street. She had papers with names Maria Swiecicka and also Maria Majewska. Later, she lived in the same house, on the floor beneath - in Lubecki sisters' flat. At the end of January 1943, she rented a flat in Chlodna Street for her sisters. She settles the matters concerning her sisters' and her mother's stay on the 'Aryan side.' In February 1943, she escapes form the flat in Nowy Zjazd Street, because of a blackmail. After couple of days, her son, Macius, could return there; Marysia is looking for a place to stay. She rents two rooms at Lwowska Street from Wanda Grabowska; she moves there with her mother in March 1943. From October 1943, she lives with Macius at Marylka Muszol's place, in Sulejowek. She returns with the child to Warsaw in mid-June 1944; at the end of July, she feels unmasked as a Jewess in Lwowska Street and wants to be with her mother because of the forthcoming uprising, so she moves to the Felician Nuns in Leszno Street. She was evacuated with her mother and son; stayed in the transit camp near Berlin until 25 April 1945.

  • Intelligentsia
  • 'good appearance' - blond, pale complexion, grey eyes

  • 7,9,24,2,33,37,47,72,104,158,159,165,166,241,249,256,257,, 260-280,300,307,308,309,326,380,, 410