Given name: Nachum Family name: Nojfeld

  • YES
  • Male
  • Nachum
  • Nojfeld
  • Neufeld
  • a refugee from Nowy Dwor. He was with his family in Warsaw. They lived in one of three narrow rooms in the corridor, which joined the back part of a big place occupied by the kitchen (eating place) at Leszno Street No. 40 with the front part. He was a collaborator of this kitchen. One of his basic tasks was to prepare kitchen for operating in the morning. He was the one who lit the fire in the kitchen ovens. When in 1941 new kitchen appliances were installed, Nachum was sent to a specialized course, organised by the 'Centrala', of energy-saving use of built-in cauldrons. Apart from this, his task was to deliver and comment on morning radio news, which he every evening collected from another place. He knew by heart all the places, where the front stopped in the first years of the war. His father was a rabbi, well-known about refugees.

  • Intelligentsia
  • Apart from the father the author does not mention anybody from Nachum's family

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